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Monday, June 27, 2016

Duterte vows to be presidential after inauguration

From the Website of CNN NEWS

Duterte vows to be presidential after inauguration

Davao City (CNN Philippines) — The tough-talking mayor of Davao City, well-known for making statements laced with invectives and cuss words, has promised he will change from a rude person to someone presidential, after he takes his oath as the country’s next President.  

“I am not the president (yet),” Rodrigo Duterte told reporters in a late night news conference Thursday. “Mamaya na, maghintay kayo [In a while, please wait]. I'm really a rude person. I'm enjoying my time as a rude person."


Duterte said when he assumes the presidency, he will tone down his cursing.
"That would be a (thing of the) past, it's going to be history,” he said. “I have to concentrate more on what happens to this country and to develop it and to make it progress along the way.”
He promised the public will see a personal transformation.

"I'm telling you how I'm going to behave … there's gonna be a metamorphosis in the mind – suddenly from a caterpillar, it blossoms into a butterfly," Duterte said.

Congress has proclaimed Duterte as the duly-elected President. He will take his oath on June 30 as the country’s 16th President.


Duterte has been drawing flak from both local and foreign media after making statements that tend to justify the killing of some journalists. 

On Thursday night, an unapologetic Duterte stood by his pronouncement that journalists who were killed were usually those who were corrupt

He called corrupt reporters “vultures pretending to be journalists.”
He said there are three kinds of journalists: the honest crusaders or those who bare all to the public; the mouthpiece of vested interests or those used by private firms to advance their own agenda; and the “low life journalists” or those who demand money in exchange for stopping their exposés.


Aside from his comments on the killing of allegedly corrupt journalists, Duterte also received mixed reactions to his response to a female reporter who asked him a question in a news conference late Tuesday. Without first replying to her question, he said she was trying hard to attract his attention and then whistled at her. 

Raffy Tima, GMA news anchor and husband of television reporter and news anchor, Mariz Umali, criticized Duterte for catcalling his wife, saying in a Facebook post that it was "wrong (on) so many levels." 

Other reporters cited a 1997 ordinance called "The Women Development Code of Davao City" protecting women’s rights signed by Duterte himself and which he may have violated. The ordinance includes a provision which considers whistling at women a form of sexual harassment.

In an interview with CNN Philippines, incoming Press Secretary Sal Panelo said Duterte's catcall was a a form of compliment.

"Mayor Duterte is a very playful man. He plays with you and he compliments beautiful girls. Mariz Umali is a beautiful woman," Panelo said.

Duterte said whistling is a part of the “freedom of expression” and becomes harassment only if “you go overboard.”

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